Mid term report – Louise Atkinson

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School Name : Somerset Academy

Pupil Name : Louise Atkinson

Physical Education

This report comes at the half way point in the term and will review the progress, or otherwise, which Louise has made in this subject in the last 9 weeks.  I have discussed this report with Louise and we have written a plan regarding how she will continue for the remainder of the term.

Clearly this subject and the project Louise is working towards has strong links with other subjects such as:

PSHE (raising awareness of mental illness, equality and diversity),

Politics (mental illness campaigns are high on the agenda in the forthcoming election),

Home economics (ensuring time is divided effectively and given to home management alongside physical training)

Media studies (a central part of the project is raising awareness in whatever way possible about mental illness and suicide)

Louise must take this into account and give appropriate time to these subjects as well as her physical training.


Louise has made a fairly good start and has at points shown good motivation and pushed herself. She has had times where she has lost motivation but she has tried to learn from those times and has picked herself up and carried on. It has not entered her head to give up or quit. She has demonstrated various lessons learnt and noted some unsuccessful aspects of her training when she began, which she has used to inform her progression as the weeks have gone by (see below).

She has certainly improved her fitness level since the start of January, and this has been demonstrated by her completing a 14 mile walk with significant inclines in the last week. She needs to continue with this improvement for the next 9 weeks to ensure she is successful in her final task.

She has faced some difficult decisions about the fundraising and promotion side of completing the project and she has taken risks and has used opportunities presented to her, despite this being daunting.


Louise lacks confidence at times and too easily feels that the challenge she is training for is too big for her. She has had weeks where her own mental health has meant she has found training difficult and this has caused her further anxiety. She has at most points managed to retain a sense of humour about this and the irony of a group of people with mental illnesses trying to motivate themselves to climb mountains is not lost on her.  At times when she feels training is too difficult she needs to remember that tomorrow is another day, grit her teeth and get out there. No excuses.

She sometimes struggles with getting a balance right and allowing herself time to train. Her husband, Mum and Dad are very supportive and helpful so she must use this help and not feel guilty about it. There will be times in the next 9 weeks when she needs to walk for long periods and this inevitably means leaving her children for the day, probably on a weekend.  This is essential to the final walk being successful and Louise must use these opportunities without feeling guilty.

Louise’s fitness is satisfactory but not at the level it needs to be at. She cannot be complacent about this and, although 9 weeks feels like a long time, it will go quickly and she needs to work hard – harder than she has worked up until now.

Lessons Learnt

The right kit is important.

Listen to your body and respond to aches and pains.

Don’t get discouraged by days or weeks when training is difficult for whatever reason – tomorrow is another day.

Always keep in your heart the reason you are training – this will keep you motivated.

Music helps especially on particularly steep sections or when walking is feeling very tough.

The support of her peers who are also doing the walk, and the support of the staff at Mind has been invaluable and amazing.  Louise has undoubtedly made some good friends with some special people, and they will keep each other going on the trek.  This team spirit is so important.

Mars bars and bananas are the best snacks on long walks. An Isotonic sports drink will also help, alongside water.

Training plan

In the following 9 weeks Louise will –

1.  Exercise 5 out of 7 days per week, to include –

– 1 long walk (10 miles plus)

and any mix of the following:

– using step machine for a minimum for 30 minutes

– an hour’s walk in the village up and down the hill

– a walk up and down Glastonbury Tor, twice

– doing workout DVD

– attending exercise class on a Monday evening

– a night time walk with her husband to practice walking in the dark – a minimum of 3 to be completed in the next 9 weeks

2. Continue to commit to writing 1 blog per week to keep motivated

3. Continue to raise money, with an aim of reaching £2000 minimum


4. Continue to utilise any opportunities which are offered to her regarding raising awareness of mental health issues via the media

5. Add to her playlist on her iPod, to include songs which motivate, inspire and help her train


Louise is not a Grade A student, nor is she a Grade F student as she was a few weeks ago. I will put her at a tentative Grade C – working steadily but room for improvement.

Keep going, stick to your plan, and you will be fine.

One comment

  1. This mid term report is very encouraging and it is pleasing to know that, in general, training is going according to plan. It is good to see that she is building on her positive experiences and has the correct kit to help her achieve her ultimate target. I’m sure that she will find the support of her walking colleagues to be helpful and motivating. As always, her family will support and encourage Louise in the best ways possible. Keep at it – you can do it.


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