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School Name : Somerset Academy

Pupil Name : Louise Atkinson

Subject : Physical Education

This week Louise has treated this subject with disdain.  She has lacked motivation and failed to display the commitment which she has previously demonstrated both physically and by the way she spoke about her time in lessons.  I’m not sure what has happened but she needs to refocus as a matter of urgency.

On Monday she reportedly could not complete her homework as she could not find the DVD remote control which she claimed prevented her from doing her workout DVD.  I understand that these set backs happen from time to time but I fail to believe that the remote control was missing for the entire week. I also find it hard to believe that she looked thoroughly for the control.  She reported to me that eventually her son found it underneath the sofa on Saturday, when it had been missing for 6 days.  Isn’t under the sofa the first place one looks for a remote control? I felt that this was really just an excuse to avoid the task.

She also avoided going out and walking this week due to the weather.  We had to have a discussion about training in all weathers and all conditions to ensure that a) she gets the required amount of practice in and b) when she comes to complete the final task she is prepared for all eventualities in terms of weather.  Using wind, rain and freezing temperatures to avoid preparing is not an option.

Furthermore, Louise failed to spend any time on her step machine, siting lack of time as the reason.  I personally know for a fact that once the children were in bed on at least 3 night she had a glass of wine and spent the evening on Facebook / watching crap on TV / eating the chocolate which her mother bought her to use for an energy boost while training. She also claimed that on 2 evenings she had a ‘migraine’ which rendered her barely able to move. I am sceptical about the medical evidence for ‘migraines’ and believe this to be a further elaboration of truth.

In short, this week has seen Louise use excuse after excuse to avoid doing any training.  This is not good enough.  With only 96 days to go until the challenge, every day counts.  She seems to have paid far more attention to other subjects such as home economics (necessary, granted), English (blog writing, which is not the point of the exercise), and music (trying to learn the drums and using this to procrastinate).  She has currently been supported to the tune of £1645 by people who want to see her succeed.  I’m not sure what she thinks she is playing at, but Louise needs to start next week with a completely different attitude.  She must prioritise her training with far more commitment.  She needs to turn over a completely new leaf and start again.


Grade – F

So, having kicked my own arse I will begin the next week with a renewed energy and more detailed schedule. I will go back to exercising daily at home and then have a long walk with my Dad planned for Friday. I promise.  Next week I will be a Grade A student.

Louise x


  1. Fao PE teacher: as the parent of this child, I want to thank you for your complete honesty regarding the attitude shown this week to any form of exercise. I wholeheartedly agree – it is not good enough and all treats will be withdrawn unless there is a marked improvement in every aspect of training. We will be with her on Thursday and Friday and will whip her into shape (quite literally if necessary). I am encouraged to see that she promises to be a grade A student next week. I look forward to your next report. Mrs. M. Carter


  2. I am concerned at the quality of this feedback. The report is overwhelmingly negative, and does not give Louise any positive areas to encourage motivation. Louise has no idea as to her current level or on how to improve it, other than a vague set of exhortations to work harder. There is no personalised learning checklist attached to the report and no main priority target identified.

    Ofsted Grade: 4 (Special Measures)


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