Freaking, creaking and sponsorship seeking…

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Training began.

Training was going well.

Training has temporarily stopped.

The week started well, if modestly, with a 20 minute jog around the village where I live.  I had waited until my husband returned from work at about 5 o’clock, and having bought myself a headtorch and luminous vest (I kid you not… there are no pavements or lights where I live) I set off, complete with iPod, with the plan of jogging or walking quickly to the top of the hill where my village begins.  It wasn’t until I was about a quarter of the way up the hill and the cluster of houses ended that I realised exactly how dark it is where I live.  As the inefficiency of my headtorch became clear, I immediately recalled every nightmare I have ever had (strangely the dream I had had the very night before was about a serial killer), every Crimewatch programme which my brother videotaped (bit weird eh?), and every episode of Miss Marple I have ever seen.  I freaked myself out within seconds and had no choice but to turn round, convinced that pairs of eyes were watching me from every bush.  I then spent the next 20 minutes looking like a bit of an oddball by running up and down the same stretches of roads in the village where there was a small amount of light from the houses.

Still, I enjoyed the run and felt good after it.  The rest of the week I spent time each day on my stepper machine, which was bought for me by my husband for Christmas (on my request!) . I increased the time by a minute each day and am currently doing a comfortable 15 minutes. I also did my workout DVD on one day. So far so good.

Until Saturday.  I decided to go for another jog, before dark this time, and increasing to 30 minutes.  This time I made it half way up the hill before taking a turn to a nearby village. Again I enjoyed the jog and came home feeling good.  However, I have a weak knee, which I have previously dislocated many times. It makes the most disgusting, creaking, decrepitus sound when I bend it.  I had physiotherapy on it earlier this year and although my physio was confident I would be able to jog on it in time, until this point I haven’t tried.  Needless to say I woke up on Sunday with a very painful, stiff and slightly swollen knee, which I have had to strap up all day. I am cross with myself… I just need to accept that I can’t run anymore, even though I enjoy it, as it is just too high impact. I am hoping that after a couple of days of rest I will be able to start using my stepper again and will gradually strengthen the muscles around the knee to ensure there are no further injuries. It’s a bit of a blow in my first week and I just hope that it feels better quickly.

I was reminded this week how good outdoor exercise is for my mood.  It is a cliché and is very hard to remember when you’re out of the habit of exercising and when you’re feeling low anyway.  I am very much in the ‘crawl under the blanket’ team, but I have been prompted to remember that peeling yourself away from the blanket and the cup of tea and forcing yourself outside for some deep breaths of fresh air really is a good tonic. Easier said than done, and it is certainly not as simplistic as providing a magic cure for depression… but it does help.

I watched a programme this week on BBC 4 about Scafell Pike.  It gave me some inspiration – the setting is so stunning and the challenge of climbing it, as well as the rewards of the views from the top, is an exciting prospect.  I watched the short interviews with people who had climbed to it’s top and I thought to myself – “well, THEY’VE all managed it, they don’t look super ultra fit and if they can do it then I can too.” However I then helpfully remembered that when I have got to the top of Scafell Pike, I will still have 3 more mountains to climb.

My fundraising total has increased this week to £1155 after my husband posted the link to my fundraising page on his band’s Facebook page and some generous people donated.  The donations have definitely slowed down – not surprising in January – but I have some thoughts up my sleeve and have increased my target to £1500, which I feel is doable by May. The landlady of my local pub has kindly said I can put a collection tin on the bar which I will do.

So… next week’s theme will be gently does it, and not trying to run before I can walk… literally. My Mum and Dad are coming down on Thursday so I can do a decent walk with my Dad while Mum gets a bit of quality grandchild time.

Until next week…

Louise x


  1. Oh no, sorry to hear about your knee! But it sounds like the training was going really well up until then so I’m sure you’ll be back on track soon. Give me a shout if you need any help school drop off pick up wise if your knee is still bad this week xx


  2. Take care of that knee. Remember, you haven’t got to jog or run up the mountain peaks, so I’m sure that walking training will be just as efficient. And I don’t blame you for not venturing out in your village at night! It would certainly put the imagination into overdrive! Dad’s looking forward to the walk on Thursday, whilst I’ll muster up the enthusiasm to look after Connie!!!! See you soon. xx


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